We are a global team, solving international challenges. With workplaces within the US, Europe, and Asia, our group is every bit as interconnected as our market.

We are a patron-centered business enterprise, and our humans replicate our merchandise — built for pace. Our growing Trading competes in a fast-paced and dynamic surroundings wherein exchange is the only steady.

You can anticipate to join a clever, stimulated, motion-orientated, and collaborative team. Together, we take gain of our startup roots — lean, decisive and nimble. Every crew member’s voice is heard, and we discover, react, and act upon opportunities fast. It’s an exciting journey.



Our Values

We attempt to express our values in the whole lot we do — for clients, and for each other.

Our Products

We paintings with a extensive-range of producers and vendors to guarantee that our mining machines and rigs are built with the very best-high-quality components to be had.

We have hooked up a long time cooperative relationship with mining producers: Bitmain, Innosilicon Factory, Whatsminer Factory, Asic and many others. For new mining machines, we also cooperate with many mining businesses. We will provide clients with superb services and products. Choosing us as a provider may have a higher purchasing enjoy!

These components are thoroughly tested to make certain that you receive the topmost reliability and profitability.

If you’re looking for a pinnacle of the road, plug’n’play miner, you’ve come to the proper region.